Paua Shells pronounced ( Pah Wah)

Paua Shells pronounced ( Pah Wah) are found in deep waters off of the South Island ofb hmm New Zealanhd near the Antartic points of Kaka Bay, Molyneux Bay,

Paua Shell is a powerful symbol of wisdom and far reaching Vision where by you automatically know the right path by sense of inner certainity.

Paua Shell is said to be the most colourfull shell in the world. It was used by Maori Tribal people as adornment and in Religious Ceremonies.

The Scientific name of Paua is Haliotis Iris. It Lives only in New Zealand ‘ s Coastal Waters. It has the most colourful sink in the world Note the unusual pattern of colours in the Shell, which makes Paua so Unique.

For burning Sage, pine, Frankinscence,Palo Santo, and other Ritual items

At work place it helps in communication, quick thinking, peace and harmony. It helps in coordinating people, also during meetings, workshops.

Placed around the house to calm angry moods. Native North American n Shamanism Traditions burn sweet grass, dried sage brush and cedar leaves in the shell for smudging.

They are connected to family and particularly Motherhood.
The play and variety of colours represents change as the beauty of existence.

The Shell has been used, in healing since ancient times and is still used today in herbal remedies.

During Meditation it is a tool which can focus our mind and allow it to open up to the natural world and receive its insights.