Hand Crafted Natural MERLINS made from high quality materials.

All our Merlins are Embodied with Natural Stones, Minerals, and Lucky Crystal.
All Merlins are Energised, Powered, Charged , active full of energy and infused with semi precious stones energy., Programmed to the end user.

Citrine,  Amethyst,  Ametrine, Japanese Lava, Fossils Wood,  Volcano Stones, Septerian, D.Zi Beads, labradorite, Clear Quartz, Appophylite, Aquamarine, Hulandite, Ocean Jasper, Chalcopyrite, Himalayan Quartz, Opal ( african) , Sodalite, Selenite Chips, Yin Yang Stones, Howlite,  Banded Agate, Worry Stones, Bumble Bee Jasper, etc and so on

Total 6 Sizes

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